First Aid at Work Course Derby - 3 Days

FAIB Accredited Blended First Aid at Work (FAW) qualification (6 Hours E-Learning & 2 Days Practical Training) - for businesses in medium to high risk environments.
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Course Overview

First Aid at Work Course in Derby: Comprehensive Training for Workplace Safety

Welcome to our Blended First Aid at Work Course, an innovative approach to equipping individuals aged 16 and over with essential first aid skills. Our course integrates 6 hours of engaging E-Learning via our online training portal, followed by 2 days of practical hands-on training at our facility. By combining online learning with in-person instruction, we provide a comprehensive learning experience that ensures participants are well-prepared to respond effectively to a variety of incidents, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace.

Course Structure:

  1. E-Learning: Our Interactive E-Learning, accessible on computers and mobile devices, offers flexibility for participants to learn at their own pace. Complete the online portion, which covers essential theory, before attending the practical training sessions.
  2. Practical Training: Join us for 2 days of intensive practical training at our facility, where you'll apply your knowledge through hands-on simulations and scenarios, guided by our expert trainers.

This course runs from 9:00 - 16:00.


Q: What does the E-Learning component cover?A: The E-Learning segment delves into crucial theoretical knowledge, setting the foundation for practical sessions. It covers topics such as emergency procedures, injury and illness treatment, and more.

Q: Is there a time limit for completing the E-Learning?A: The E-Learning can be completed at your own pace. We recommend finishing it before the practical sessions to ensure you're well-prepared.

Q: Can I access the E-Learning from any device?A: Yes, the online course is compatible with both computers and mobile devices, offering convenience for participants.

Q: How do I receive my E-Learning login details?A: Once you book the training, you'll receive your login information within 24 hours, granting you access to the E-Learning portal.

Q: Is this course suitable for my workplace's needs?A: Absolutely. Our blended course caters to a wide range of incidents, injuries, and diseases that individuals might encounter at work. It's suitable for businesses seeking comprehensive first-aid training based on their needs assessment.

Key Modules Covered:

  • Adult resuscitation (CPR)
  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma management
  • Bone, muscle, and joint injuries
  • Burns and scalds
  • Chest pains
  • Choking procedures for adults
  • Communication and casualty care
  • Eye injuries
  • Fainting episodes
  • Head injuries
  • Defibrillator usage (theory)
  • Low blood sugar management
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Minor and severe bleeding control
  • Poisons and response strategies
  • Role of the first aider and health & safety knowledge
  • Seizure response
  • Shock management
  • Spinal injury assessment
  • Stroke recognition and response
  • Handling an unresponsive adult

By completing our First Aid at Work Course, you'll acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to confidently provide effective first aid in diverse situations, contributing to a safer and healthier workplace. Our training is designed to empower you to save lives and uphold workplace well-being.

Contact us today to enroll in our comprehensive First Aid at Work Course in Derby. Your safety and preparedness matter to us.

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We guarantee the best value first aid at work courses in Derby. we promise to price match any like for like course.

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Our first aid courses are available either as public courses or on-site courses for groups of up to 12 people. on-site courses are priced at £495 per day and include training manuals and certification.

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On completion of your course you will receive an industry recognised certificate from the first aid industry board (FAIB).

FAIB Accredited First Aid Courses

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) is a trade body for the first-aid sector that sets guidelines for qualifications. To be accepted by the FAIB, you must show evidence of high-quality first-aid training and quality management standards. The FAIB is a well-established organisation that regulates hundreds of training institutions across the country.

FOFATO Members

We are affiliated with the Federation of First Aid Training Organizations (FOFATO).

The FOFATO was created to raise the standards of First Aid and, as a result, raise public awareness of the profession. Since 2007, the HSE has recognized the FOFATO as the main consulting organisation in matters regarding First Aid.

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